As college campuses prepare to open their doors for the new school year, many students are unaware that in the coming months they may sustain a serious injury while in school. Furthermore, those students who will become injured often are unaware of what to do when they do sustain one of these injuries. Before heading back to campus, it is beneficial to review your own personal living situation to help you in the event an accident happens and you need medical attention.

Check Your Insurance

Before heading to school, review your health insurance coverage to ensure you are adequately covered. Most health insurance plans provided by an employer will cover dependents until they reach the age of 26, so for students who have been covered by a parent’s health insurance plan, they may be able to keep their coverage even while away.

For those who do not have adequate insurance from a private source, most major universities will offer some form of health insurance to allow students to use an on-campus health clinic. This gives students convenient access to treatment when they need it, and health insurance is usually charged as a tuition fee, which may even be eligible to be paid by scholarships and grants, reducing financial burden.

And as always, for whatever insurance you may have, always be sure to keep an ID card with policy details on you at all times. This way, in the event of a dire emergency, you can get treatment immediately and not have to worry about scrambling to find your health insurance info later.

Find Medical Treatment Centers

For many students who are not from the local area, it is important to prepare yourself for emergencies by learning where the medical facilities are (including urgent cares and hospitals) and how to get there (public transportation routes, etc.) Students who may have epilepsy, food allergies, or any other condition that could be easily and unexpectedly triggered without adequate preparation should always ensure they have an emergency plan.

Likewise, campuses sometimes have a specialized emergency number different from “911.” This is great because it allows dispatchers to get emergency crews on campus to people who need assistance faster, but can also be a problem because many students don’t actually know this number or have it saved. When going through orientation or just moving in to campus, be sure to find this number, if they have it, and then save it into your mobile device so you have it at all times.

Know a Reputable Attorney

Whenever moving to a new area, especially if you’re just starting out in college, it is important to make sure you are familiar with a reputable Attorney who can assist you if you are injured through the negligence of another.

At The Law Office of Donald R Strickland, our skilled team of Attorney understands that in many cases students are unprepared for the added burdens of stress and emotional turmoil that an injury can place on their life. We understand that in many cases the injuries you sustain may not be your fault, but still cause your life to become dramatically more difficult. That is why we work hard to provide each of our clients with personalized and attentive counsel that listens to their needs in order to fight for the best possible outcome in their case.

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