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Failure to Properly Maintain Vehicles

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Trucks travel long distances and tend to require constant maintenance to ensure its mechanical components are functioning properly. Unfortunately, not all carriers or truck drivers provide the maintenance trucks need to prevent malfunctions, such as tire blowouts, faulty trailer hitches, and malfunctioning brakes, all of which could lead to devastating and catastrophic accidents.

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Truck Maintenance Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the commercial trucking industry, including maintenance. Truckers are required to perform their own inspection prior to driving to ensure the truck is in safe operating condition and, if the vehicle has any defects, the trucker must get it properly repaired. If an accident occurs, the trucking company would be held liable.

Some of the maintenance duties that are commonly ignored include:

  • EBrake and pad checks
  • ETire checks
  • ETrailer control system checks
  • EFluid level check
  • EOperating lights check

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