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Seek Compensation When Manufacturers Fail to Protect You

A defective or malfunctioning product can cause unexpected injury to individuals merely going about their everyday activities. Unfortunately, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, or retailers might put products on the market that were defective, not tested sufficiently, or did not include proper warning labels. If you have been injured by a product like this, or if you have lost a loved one in a more severe accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Defective Vehicle Products

Defects in your motor vehicle may lead to serious injuries or death, particularly in rollovers accidents.

Other serious injuries or death can be a result of inadequate and unsafe:

  • ERoofs
  • ESeatbelts/restraints
  • EDoor latches
  • EAirbags
  • ESeat backs
  • ETires
  • EBrakes
  • EFuel fires
  • ESurvival space
  • EWindow glazing

Defective Medical Devices & Drugs

Medical devices save thousands of lives, but when poorly designed, manufactured, or labeled, they can cause serious injury or wrongful death. Implanted pacemakers, defibrillators, valves, leads, and stents as well as hip and knee replacements can improve your life. Defects in these products can cause severe reactions.

In addition, many drugs can cause serious illness, such as:

  • Drugs approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) then found to have harmful side effects over a longer time frame
  • Drugs having an undiscovered, until it was too late, conflict with other drugs or foods
  • Medications that were improperly manufactured and do not meet specified purity or dosage levels

File Your Claim As Quickly As Possible

The product must be preserved in a products liability case. It is critical to contact an attorney as soon as possible. A potential products liability case should be investigated before memories fade, physical evidence is lost, and the condition of the product deteriorates. The longer the wait before seeking legal counsel, the more difficult it is to prove a product liability case.

North Carolina limits the time you have to bring a claim against the manufacturer, supplier, or retailer of a defective product in two ways. Under statutes of limitation, a lawsuit must be filed within three years of an injury or within two years of a death. In addition, under the Statute of Repose, a lawsuit must be filed within 12 years from when the product was first sold for use.

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