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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyer Serving North Carolina

If you have suffered an injury or the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligent actions, Don Strickland can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. In a personal injury claim, you may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, your pain and suffering, and other damages.

Practice Areas We Handle

  • Car Accidents
    If you have been injured in a car accident, don’t wait to get help! The statute of limitations on car accident claims is only three years from the date of your accident. Learn more about North Carolina law and how our team of attorneys can help you today.
  • Wrongful Death
    Losing a loved one is never easy, losing a loved one at the hands of someone’s negligence is tragic. Learn more about your options to file a wrongful death claim, damages available and how our team can help you on our wrongful death page.
  • Product Liability
    When we purchase a product, we expect it to be safe, all too often however, people are injured by products due to company negligence. Learn more about your options to pursue compensation for your injuries today.
  • Trucking Accidents
    Given their large size and weight, trucking companies and their drivers are heavily regulated by the FMCSA. Unfortunately, drivers or companies have been known to break these regulations in order to help their bottom line. Our firm holds these negligent parties responsible for the damage they cause.
  • Catastrophic Injury
    When an injury is especially severe it is called a catastrophic injury. These injuries often take much longer to recover from and often cost the injury victim an exorbitant amount in medical expenses. Our team knows that those suffering from catastrophic injuries need compensation to match what they have suffered. Learn more about how we can help you today.
  • Motorcycle Accidents
    Motorcycles are a fun and convenient way to get around, however, they lack the safety other vehicles offer in the event of a crash. If you have been injured in a crash at the hands of a negligent driver, our team of attorneys is standing by to help you now.

  • Premises Liability
    Landowners are responsible for ensuring their property is safe for those who visit it. If they fail to do so they can be held responsible for the resulting damages. Learn more about premises liability law and how our team can help you today.

  • Pedestrian Accidents
    Pedestrians may have the right of way but not all motorists drive like it. All too often drivers do not lookout for pedestrians, putting them in harm’s way. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, learn how our firm can help you today.

Don Strickland will provide powerful representation in every step of your claim:

  • He is respected by judges and colleagues, which helps ensure your case receives the attention it merits and the compensation it deserves.
  • He devotes the attention and resources necessary for success in his clients’ cases.
  • He has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.
  • He is responsive and accessible so you know the status of your case throughout the process.

Furthermore, Don Strickland understands how devastating the loss of any family member can be on one’s family and the challenges a family faces if the lost loved one is the primary bread winner for the family. If Don takes your case, he will fight to maximize your recovery under the laws of North Carolina and the United States.

As a reputable injury and wrongful death attorney, Don Strickland has assisted numerous clients throughout the state of North Carolina recover fair compensation for their losses. With over 36 years of experience and proven results, Don can provide effective counsel and representation.

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