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Accidents that cause severe burns can be catastrophic, and lead to a lifetime of pain and physical and emotional scars. You can rely on the experience and resources of Durham burn injury attorney, Don Strickland, to secure the compensation you need and deserve when you have suffered burn injuries because of someone else’s negligence.

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Common Types of Severe Burns

When you think of a burn, you probably think of fire, but flame isn’t the only cause of burns. They also are caused by other hazards, with even worse effects.

Types of burns include:

  • Electrical burns — An electrical current can stop your heart, but it can also severely burn you. Burns result when low- or high-voltage currents penetrate or pass over your skin.
  • Chemical burns — These are, in some ways, the worst kind of burns, as the source of a chemical burn may linger longer than a flame or electrical discharge. Chemical burns often happen in the workplace, particularly in industrial facilities or research environments.
  • Thermal burns — Fire is a common culprit, especially in building fires and cooking accidents. Overheated materials can be equally dangerous. Improperly maintained heating equipment, motor vehicles and faulty products can all cause debilitating burns.

Damage from Severe Burns

Burns can have a range of effects, from minor to life-threatening.

The levels of burns include:

  • First-degree, the least severe and is indicated by reddening of the skin and mild discomfort.
  • Second-degree, which is identified by blistering or blanching. There is a risk of infection, along with possible scarring and muscle contractures, which limit mobility.
  • Third-degree burns include more prevalent scarring and contractures. Amputation may be necessary in some cases.
  • Fourth-degree burns usually require amputation of extremities or limbs and victims suffer significant motor impairment, and death may result from complications.

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