Accidents involving commercial trucks are often some of the most devastating on the roadways simply due to the sheer size and weight of them. In many cases, these accidents are caused by either equipment failure or truck defects. Despite the strict regulations set for trucking companies, neglect occurs on many fronts, producing tragic results. Read on to learn about the most common truck defects and equipment failures.

The components in a truck can either break down or be defective. This includes:

  • Brake Failure: Improperly or inadequately maintained brakes and cause brake failure, which can ultimately lead to rear-end collisions if the truck cannot stop.
  • Defective or Missing Lights: This might seem like a minor issue, but when proper lighting is not used, accidents can and do happen. These can include faulty or dim taillights, headlights, or side safety lights. Without these lights, a trucker can easily crash.
  • Tire Failures: Tire failures tend to be the result of retreads or improper inspection. These types of failures often lead to blowouts, which can cause a serious accident or leave dangerous debris on the road.
  • Defective or Missing Mirrors: Trucks are large and, due to their size, require mirrors to view other vehicles along its sides. When these mirrors are missing or defective, a truck can easily collide with a vehicle in its blind spot.

These failures and defects are often caused by a failure to perform proper maintenance or overloaded or imbalanced cargo. Depending on the cause of a truck’s equipment failure or defect, more than one party might be responsible for injuries sustained in an accident.

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