The drone business has exploded in recent years, now being estimated to be close to reaching the billion-dollar mark. It seems likely that these popular toys will once again be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season for both kids and adults alike. So if you plan on gifting a drone or you receive or purchase one, there are a few important things you should know before taking to the skies.

Injury Risks

Drones have a high risk of causing some potentially serious injuries. First, your average drone (a quadcopter-style drone), has motors that spin four propellers at a high rate of speed. These propellers can and most likely will chop up anything that gets in their way, including fingers. Be sure to always put your drone in a safe mode when it’s on the ground or you plan on handling it so the props can’t spin up, and always remove the power while working on the unit itself. If possible, remove the propellers as well.

Many drones are also somewhat heavy, particularly those which have an aerial photography camera attached to them. While some models have a failsafe that puts the drone down slowly in the event of signal loss or low battery, some do not. To be on the safe side, no matter what type of drone you have, always be sure to keep it within your line of sight and do not fly it over people or near other restricted areas, such as airports. This can dramatically reduce the chances of an injury should your drone happen to crash.

Additionally, drones have been the subject of a number of recently-passed pieces of legislation so always be sure to check your local laws and register your aircraft where necessary. This can help you avoid flying where the law prohibits it, stay out of air traffic lanes, and avoid crashing into an unsuspecting bystander, making you liable for their injuries.


The batteries that power these drones, most commonly a Lithium-Polymer (or LiPo) style battery, are extremely dangerous if damaged or overcharged. Be sure you inspect your battery after every flight for any puffiness, large dents, cracks, or excessive heat, and immediately dispose of your battery outdoors and away from any flammable material if it shows any of this damage. Never attempt to charge a damaged battery, and always charge your battery at or below the current it is rated for to lower the chances of a battery fire.

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