A car or truck accident is nearly unparalleled in its ability to inflict serious, even fatal injuries upon victims. Unfortunately, a very large portion of these accidents are caused by the negligent, reckless, or even criminal actions of an irresponsible driver. If you or a loved one has been injured anywhere in North Carolina, call our dedicated team of car accident lawyers today to pursue fair compensation.

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1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Whiplash is the most common type of soft tissue injury, but ligaments, tendons, and muscles throughout the body can all be seriously injured in a car accident. Back and neck injuries are definitely the most common, and often go unnoticed for days or even weeks after a serious collision.

2. Cuts, Scrapes & Lacerations

In a North Carolina car accident, it is common to suffer some cuts or scrapes. These range from minor scratches to serious, life-threatening lacerations. The silver lining is that these injuries are typically noticed quickly, allowing victims to get medical care to prevent infections and other complications.

3. Head/Brain Injuries

While many brain injuries don’t appear as outwardly serious as other types of injury, they can be some of the most deadly. Just like with whiplash, brain injuries are often not noticed for weeks after a collision. These can occur when a person’s head strikes the dash, steering wheel, or even the airbag, and the effects of a concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury can impact the rest of a person’s life.

4. Broken Bones

Although broken bones are most commonly found in the legs, arms, and ribs, any bone in your body is susceptible to injury in a serious collision. While simple fractures will heal with time and a cast, more complex breaks may require surgery to fully heal – if they ever heal fully at all. Broken bones in the spine or neck can have a devastating, even fatal impact.

5. Emotional & Psychological Injuries

The psychological impact of a major car or truck accident is often understated. The violent, physical nature of these collisions, combined with the loud noises and lack of control, leave many people struggling with emotional distress and even PTSD. The injuries victims often suffer can also be a major blow to a person’s emotional healthy, as many injuries can rob them of the life or identity they’ve built for themselves.

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