Car accidents take us by surprise, and the fact is that none of us ever see them coming. Even the aftermath is a whirlwind of chaos, full of stress, questions, and frustration. Some might even be injured, or find themselves in a stretcher, on their way to the hospital. Not all injuries appear to be serious, but that does not mean you should forego a visit to the doctor.

Here are some reasons why you should see a doctor immediate after being involved in a car accident:

  1. If you delay treatment, it could hurt your settlement: Waiting too long to visit a doctor might lead an insurance company to believe that you faked your injuries, or are suddenly trying to make them appear more severe than they truly are. This will strengthen their argument against paying you a reasonable settlement for your injuries. Some injuries do not present any alarming symptoms for weeks, even months, but you should never wait for symptoms to arise. At that point, it might be too late.
  2. Your injuries could get worse: Left untreated, many injuries could get worse, or not heal properly, resulting in more medical bills and extensive treatment. Seeking immediate medical attention increases your chances at a full and speedy recovery.
  3. You might not realize you are injured after an accident: Many debilitating or life-threatening injuries, such as spinal cord injuries or concussions, do not surface after an accident. A doctor will be able to properly examine you and administer the right tests to determine if you have sustained an injury.
  4. Allows your doctor to provide the necessary documents your car accident Attorney may need to win your case: Documentation is crucial for a car accident case. When you visit a doctor, you leave a paper trail of medical records and bills related to your injuries.

North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers

If you were involved in an automobile accident caused by another individual’s negligence, you deserve to have a fierce legal advocate at your side. Our Durham car accident attorney has devoted their legal careers to protecting the rights of the injured and we will commit ourselves to doing the same for you as well.

As an injury victim, you are entitled to recovering compensation for:

  • Medical bills and emergency medical costs
  • Lost wages or loss of work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Other costs related to the accident

Whether your case involves an uninsured motorist, a single accident, a minor injury, or the loss of a loved one, you will need the guidance of an experienced Attorney.

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