You may only be able to ride for a few months out of the year without trudging through several inches of snow, but a 2018 survey from PlacesforBikes has listed Boulder, CO as the nation’s most bike-friendly big city. The survey factors cycling-friendly infrastructure as well as things such as terrain, road connectivity, and cycling commuting culture.

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Rounding out the top five on the list were Boulder, Fort Collins, Eugene, and Manhattan.

What is the Most Bicycle Friendly City in North Carolina?

Our cities in North Carolina did not fare particularly well in terms of these bike scores. Our state’s most bike-friendly city was awarded to Durham, which showed at 49th in the list and an overall rating of 2.7!

What does this mean for North Carolina cyclists? This means that North Carolina cities have little in the way of infrastructure dedicated to cyclists and allowing them safe travels on their commutes. Whether you are headed to work, shopping, or any other destination, it is important to consider the road around you. Practice safety first and total awareness of your surroundings at all times to help avoid a collision with a motorist. And perhaps the most important, recognize the importance of respecting each other and sharing the road to ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

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