Walking is the natural way to get from place to place, and while it’s healthy for you, it can potentially be dangerous. Every year, numerous pedestrians are struck by drivers, resulting in many injuries. Sadly, in these instances many of these injuries could likely have been prevented by exercising a little bit of extra safety precaution. Want to avoid falling victim to a pedestrian accident? Here are four valuable tips from our North Carolina car accident Attorney.

Look Before You Step

Many pedestrians assume that drivers will automatically stop for them because they have the right of way. While you might legally have this privilege, this does not guarantee drivers will stop, so you should never assume they will do so. Always make sure you look left, then right, then left again before stepping off the curb. It also never hurts to make eye contact with a driver; your

Make Yourself Easily Seen

If you’re going to be walking along a road at night, don’t dress in all-black. Wear bright colors, and even consider putting on reflective materials to make sure drivers can see you clearly as they approach. This gives them lots of time to move over to stay clear of you. Likewise, carrying a flashlight can also help cars see you, or enable you to signal them to alert them of your presence.

Be Careful at Crossings

When you reach a crossing, never proceed without a “WALK” signal from the crossing devices. Just because the light is green doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe to dart out into the street. When you do get a signal to proceed, look both ways (as discussed previously) and move quickly. Likewise, consider where you are crossing: is it well-lit, and open to visibility from all traffic directions? Can drivers see you crossing for a considerable distance from each direction? If the answer to these questions is yes, then proceed. If not, look for another place to cross that may be safer.

Stay Focused

Many pedestrians enjoy plugging in their headphones and listening to music while traveling, including joggers or those who have to walk a longer distance. This is not advisable, however, as headphones reduce your ability to perceive what is going on around you, and could cause you to step out in front of a car you didn’t see or hear coming. Keep your cell phone and music players put away while walking or jogging close to a major street, it could save your life. The same rule applies for sending or reading text messages or holding a phone conversation.

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