Winter temperatures are right around the corner, and in an effort to save money and lower their heating bills this winter, many people all across North Carolina have considered installing spray foam in their attic. The EPA and ENERGY STAR Commission have all given high praise to this new attic treatment, which has been shown to help keep heat in your home up to 50% better than fiberglass insulation.

However, if you are considering installing spray foam in your attic, it’s important to recognize some of the risks that may be involved. Spray foam has been linked in rare cases to some major health issues, including permanent lung damage, toxic exposure, and more.

Want it installed? Call an Experienced Professional!

Spray foam is essentially a mixture of two chemical compounds that when combined, expands and hardens to fill in gaps with molded foam. When applied properly, the foam itself is usually completely harmless. However, should the mixture be applied too thick, it may not be able to dry properly, resulting in a continual release of toxic airborne chemicals for quite some time after the process is completed.

It’s also important to know that these chemicals can release extremely dangerous toxic fumes before they dry. While home improvement stores do sell “do-it-yourself” kits for installing this foam, it is strongly advised that you let a professional who has the proper training, experience, and safety equipment install it. Additionally, most professionals will also require that you leave your home during the installation process and stay away for 24 hours afterwards due to the immense toxic fume levels.

Choosing an Installer

When choosing a company to install your spray foam, it’s important to consider a few factors, including their experience level and their willingness to stand by their work. As we’ve stated earlier, if spray foam is improperly installed, it can have potentially devastating consequences. Make sure your installer will give you a written guarantee of removal before the installation, just in case something does go wrong.

Experience is also important, as newer companies often hire newer technicians, who could make a mistake with the installation, resulting in serious consequences for you and your family. Likewise, beware the companies who offer the treatment for vastly lower prices, as they may use lower-quality products. This is important because some lower-quality spray foam chemical mixtures have been found to have traces of formaldehyde, an incredibly toxic substance with devastating health effects.

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